ZEERVI Order Processing

Fast And Efficient Order Processing

Zeervi has made life easier for e-commerce businesses by offering a one-window solution to all order fulfillment steps. You can perform multiple actions from one place now without any hassle and the need to operate multiple windows for multiple stores. Our web application is integrated with multiple channels, like e-commerce and shipping channels, making it easy to handle order processing.

4 Steps Of Order Process With ZEERVI

Postage Apply

With the help of this platform, you can save time by selecting multiple orders from various e-commerce stores at the same time and applying postage for them. Select multiple store orders and apply for bulk postage, generating definite information regarding the carrier, delivery track, and parcel type for each order.

Pick & Pack

Picking and packing can now be done in quite a convenient and efficient way. Zeervi gives you the precise information required to pick up your orders from the warehouse and get them ready before the shipment process. Benefit from an error-free and hassle-free pick-&-pack process using our simplified web application.

Label Generation

Kick out the traditional way of manually selecting each order & generating shipment for each carrier and enjoy the smooth and streamlined process of Zeervi’s label generation. Now, you can select multiple orders of the same tracks and generate labels for all of them simultaneously, rather than operating various windows for order processing.

Order Fulfillment

This is the final and most important step of your whole order processing system. Zeervi provides an efficient and less time-consuming method of order manifestation by allowing you to tackle all the required processes from one platform. Save time, energy, and resources by using our efficient and straightforward web application.

Order Fulfilment In Your Hand

You will be able to view orders placed from different sales channels and keep a record of them. WMS software will keep track of all orders and their status indicating if they have been picked or not. You will get to know which orders are in process and which ones have already been picked from the warehouse by the pickers. You will also be able to see their payment status and this will help you have a smoother managing setup for the orders. You can view all the orders from various sales channels in one place.

Our Dashboard allows you to fulfill each and every order from every store. The struggle of processing orders on each store is now over, our one for all dashboard will be the solution for you by making sure you are up to date and letting you fulfill all the orders from one place. From order processing to shipping labels generation now you can do all from your dashboard and it’s quite easy and fun!


ZEERVI is Available For All!

Anyone from anywhere across the globe can use our web application. You can contact us directly for further details about our payment plan. This is a prime opportunity for you to expand your business and stay ahead of your competitors by saving your time and resources using Zeervi’s exceptional features.

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