ZEERVI Pricing

ZEERVI Is Accessible To All

Zeervi is a competent and efficient web application, allowing its users to grow exponentially and stay ahead of others. You can avail of our services from anywhere, and you can contact us for more payment details. Every business operation, including order processing & fulfillment to inventory & warehouse management, has been made easier without costing a dime.


Grow Your Following Without Draining Your Time


Inventory & Sync Stores

Using Zeervi, avoid wasting time syncing inventory in each store manually and enjoy updated inventory at all times automatically. Stock in/out from any store, and our software will automatically synchronize inventory at all your related stores.


Order Fulfillment

Zeervi gives you the opportunity to achieve more in less time and expend fewer resources by providing a one-window platform for order fulfillment. The whole process from order placement to fulfillment can be handled in one place now, using our product.


Warehouse Management

Zeervi allows you to assign an exact location to your products and also transfer them from one location to another location or warehouse. Set a particular column, row, shelf & rack for each item & enjoy effortless product handling by knowing exact location details.



Avail of the integration of e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and shipping carriers at one platform and save time. We collaborate with these third parties and link your accounts to make things simpler. Order handling & shipment are made possible in one place now with Zeervi’s help!

ZEERVI is Available For All!

Anyone from anywhere across the globe can use our web application without any payment plan or upfront costs. There are no monthly or yearly fees, not even meagre or any hidden charges for using our software. This is a prime opportunity for you to expand your business and stay ahead of your competitors by saving your time and resources using Zeervi’s exceptional features.

Get Started Now

You’re just three simple steps away from your cost-free
shipping and managing all your products in one place.

Create Your Account

Set up your account on Zeervi within a few minutes using simple steps. You can watch the demo or ask our customer support team for help wherever you need it.

Connect a Store

Connect your e-commerce stores with Zeervi and automate your workflows. Now, you will never miss any sales opportunity!

Ship Your Shipment

Zeervi ensures efficient order processing; from picking and packing to shipping, everything is simplified and seamlessly integrated.
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