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Take advantage of omnichannel order processing, warehouse management, integration services with various trusted platforms, and inventory synchronization and management services from one place with the help of Zeervi. A single platform for better performance of daily operations of your e-commerce business growth, from order processing to fulfillment and much more.

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Inventory & Sync Stores

Using Zeervi, avoid wasting time syncing inventory in each store manually and enjoy updated inventory at all times automatically. Stock in/out from any store, and our software will automatically synchronize inventory at all your related stores.


Order Fulfillment

Zeervi gives you the opportunity to achieve more in less time and expend fewer resources by providing a one-window platform for order fulfillment. The whole process from order placement to fulfillment can be handled in one place now, using our product.


Warehouse Management

Zeervi allows you to assign an exact location to your products and also transfer them from one location to another location or warehouse. Set a particular column, row, shelf & rack for each item & enjoy effortless product handling by knowing exact location details



Avail of the integration of e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and shipping carriers at one platform and save time. We collaborate with these third parties and link your accounts to make things simpler. Order handling & shipment are made possible in one place now with Zeervi’s help!

Synchronized Stock Management

Zeervi offers you the opportunity to synchronize all the inventory across all your e-commerce stores and marketplaces from one place now. All your stock is automatically updated when connected to our web application. No need to update inventories across all your channels one by one; now, you can avoid human errors by using our software and enjoy seamless day-to-day operations.

Fast And Efficient Order Processing Management

Order Placement & Receiving

All the orders received from different channels will be updated at Zeervi, and the information will be further utilised for order fulfillment. As soon as the order is placed, our web application synchronizes inventory for all your online channels and shows real-time inventory present in the warehouse. This helps prevent any stock-out or over-selling issues at your end.

Pick & Pack

Order picking is made simple with Zeervi, as our web application helps you identify the actual locations of all the products from your received orders. Enjoy a streamlined order processing experience and save time by packing all the orders in an efficient manner. By the end of this process, all your orders will be ready for shipment.

Shipping & Fulfillment

After the process of assigning pickers and packing all orders, each will be assigned a shipping label. Shipping and fulfilment are made easy with Zeervi, which offers fast shipping services. You can even avail of a 2-day shipping option utilizing our web application. Fulfill your orders by using the services of our integrated shipping carriers, like DPD, Royal Mail, & Parcel Force.

Fast Management With Your
Tools In One Place

Enjoy fast and reliable management of your business with our simplified web application. You’ll not have to worry about operating different windows to complete a single operation, such as order processing. Manage everything with Zeervi, from inventory and warehouse management to integrations and one-window order manifestation, to save more time and energy.
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Our Integrations With
Trusted Companies

We offer you the opportunity to avail the services of various trusted companies, including shipping carriers, e-commerce stores, and e-commerce marketplaces. The platforms integrated into our system include Amazon, E-bay, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, DPD, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, and many more are on the way.

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